Kelis Stands Alone in her ‘Brave’ Video…

So Kelis is back with her new single entitled ‘Brave’ taken from her recent album ‘Flesh Tone’, in which she sings about finding her inner strength and power and becoming a ‘brave heart’, which she most certainly is. BUT…in this emotionally raw number the singer may be ‘super strong’ however this video is super super weak! I mean I do usually appreciate simplicity in music videos in an attempt to put the main focus on the music and the lyrics, but for an upbeat and positive tune like this one the vid doesn’t seem to really compliment it at all. Although on a more positive note she does looks absolutely stunning! (and I like when camera moves with the beat :-)).

I honestly expected some sort of transition by at least the second verse…I sat there watching……waiting……but it never happened… *disappointed*. But I guess on the other hand I do understand the concept of the video; with Kelis standing there alone being the total focus of the video does represent her bravery – plus I do love the track itself but it just would have been great if it was supported by a much more interesting music video!


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