Beyonce ‘Heat’ Commercial Banned – Apparently Too Hot for the Kids!

So the recently released ‘Heat’ perfume ad by Beyonce has been banned from daytime TV! It features the singer dancing seductively in a revealing red dress which has been said to be too provocative to be shown on TV before 7.30pm. In my opinion this is nothing compared to her concerts where there’s always kids. I believe that if it was any random person behaving the same way in a perfume commercial I don’t think it would have mattered as much – and quite frankly I think this ad is more like selling Beyonce than her perfume. Still the ad has a great concept for the theme of the ‘Heat’ perfume and to be honest I personally don’t think the commercial is THAT bad – but I suppose I do understand where the complaining parents are coming from and their concern for their kids. What’s your views?


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