Fantasia – ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ Music Video (with a few products thrown in for promotion!)

Fantasia’s latest single ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ is quite a feel good and empowering number which is clearly one for the ladies. I personally appreciate the positivity in the lyrics; reflecting the title of the song, Fantasia sings “I’m doin’ me, this time around, I’m doin’ Me, Don’t Need You Now, I Rather Be By Myself, I Won’t Let Your Drama Hold Me Down” – basically implying that she doesn’t need a man to be happy as she is living her life and is fine all by herself. Well, good for her! The track is quite unoriginal, nothing new really, but who cares! She’s singing it for herself and all the other women out there who need to gain some confidence and release their inner independence, and that will always be a positive message to send out.

In terms of the music video, firstly I would like to point out a few irrelevant clips that the camera focused on, which made me wonder are these clips just for advertising purposes? Although, this video isn’t a full blown commercial like Lady Gaga’s Telephone vid, featuring Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke, etc, here are the products that were subtly dropped in to Fantasia’s video…

Car make Ford, Edge…plus fancy-looking rims (1:59 – 2:02)

Also, after a few more viewings of the music video, I eventually clocked this…

At the very start of the video, Hector’s Café and Diner is also getting promoted, featuring clips of the building, as well as the food it serves; very appetizing despite the lack of ketchup in the hotdog roll!

Anyways, apart from all of that, I think the video in general is quite boring, but at least it does fit with the context I suppose. I’m guessing the storyline is that she sees her ex guy on a ‘date’ with another girl which sets her off into her song, and eventually leads to her and almost everyone else in Hector’s Café dancing around the chairs and tables. But seriously, the one thing I would definitely change about this video is I would take them rollers out her hair and tell her to remove those braces – I know your doin’ you sista but that’s just over ‘doin’’ it a little! Yea sure you don’t need a man but that don’t mean you gotta put them all off woman!

But other than that, I know this song is personal to her as it reflects her own life and how she has chosen to deal with her struggles – plus she looks rather happy and I guess the lyrics to this tune will make other woman who has been in similar situations feel a lot happier too 🙂



One response

  1. boigenius07

    LoL at the product placement…
    and what’s a hotdog without ketchup?!

    November 10, 2010 at 22:41

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