‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD Trailer – By One of the Best Performers Alive !

It’s been over a year since Beyoncé graced the stage of The O2 Arena with her remarkable presence, and although this concert took place a while ago, I can still remember the electic atmosphere filled with excited fans (including myself!) eagerly waiting to be undoubtedly entertained.

At long last, the incredibly talented megastar releases the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD which includes a live audio CD of the concert, a documentary of the tour, and exclusive photos packed in a 40-page book.  The DVD which will be available worldwide on 30th November, was produced, directed and edited in order to create the ultimate viewing experience, featuring footage from her vast number of shows around the world. Many would agree that Beyoncé is commendable for the work and effort she puts in to her tour for it to be a huge success – so even if you’ve already been to the phenomenal ‘I Am…’ concert (like me!), I’m sure you may want to replay her performances over again and relive the over-whelming experience!

So here’s the official trailer for the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD. As Beyoncé would say… “Are you ready to be entertaaaaaaaained?!”


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