‘Game Over’ Video – Tinchy ft. all the biggest UK MC’s – but who’s really on top of their game?

Tinchy Stryder’s latest track ‘Game Over’ featuring Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk is surely a number that encourages varied responses, from ‘who’s the sickest mc?’ to ‘who’s verse is a flop?’ – they’re all in the hot seat open to be judged. In my opinion, all the mc’s went in hard on each of their verses, however the track’s energy level was brought down by Chippy whose verse is no where near on the same level as all the other mc’s, I mean he can come better than that surely?! – even Example out-raps him. He didn’t manage to deflate the track entirely though as Tinchy dropped the final verse and saved the day!

Anyone could argue that the video is far too basic and lifeless to compliment the strength of the song, and I must admit it does lack a bit in creativity – it should have just released the MOBO performance as the music video, as that was far more entertaining. But then again, the video is effective in that it emphasises the fact that the mc’s lyrical content is the main focus, and dominates the entire track. The video also fits the ‘Rapstar’ theme of the video in the sense that each individual artist has their chance to shine in the lime lite, and show us what they’ve got…

Hmmm so who shined for you? Who’s on top of their game and who’s game is really over?


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