Alesha Dixon – New single ‘Radio’ – *Video* !

The retro riff, casual melody and smooth vocals create this likeable number which is probably not powerful enough to make a huge impact, but is definitely her saving grace in my opinion considering her previous single ‘Drummer Boy’. For sure, this follow up single ‘Radio’ is a great recovery!

When I first saw the title to Alesha Dixon’s new single I thought it was just going to be another typical ‘I’m in love my radio’ type of track, but I can honestly say that I can totally relate to this one. In this track, Alesha’s singing about turning up the radio to drown out what she doesn’t want to hear. Lyrics like “he can’t break my heart if I can’t hear a word” and “anything to make you forget” describe how music is used as a diversion from certain issues that you don’t want wish to think about, or talk about. – mind you I’m more likely to turn up my stereo rather than my radio – the ad-breaks would be a constant disruption!

The music video is based around a couple who are having an argument, which escalates to the point that a neighborly old woman hears the rows and calls the police – obviously the radio didn’t drown that one out. Evidently the lyrics to the single totally reflect the woman in the video. Also Alesha is appealingly stripped down, the gimmicks are taken away and it’s totally natural and casual video which is real to life.

Vocally, her voice is hardly going to blow your speakers, but the melody – especially the chorus is so infectious and I can definitely hear this one sounding massive live, with one of them sing-a-long chorus’ which always makes for a big hit tune. This relaxed single suits her far more than ‘Drummer Boy’ and is definitely one for the radio!

‘Radio’ is out November 28 with her new album ‘The Entertainer’ out the day after on November 29!


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