Here’s a Little Something Uplifting for the Soul…

Following her many affectionate, touching and flawlessly delivered numbers like ‘Happy’, ‘Footsteps in the Sand’, and ‘I Got You’, Leona Lewis records a brand new soulful song entitled ‘I Know Who I Am’ for the Tyler Perry/Janet Jackson movie ‘For Coloured Girls’. This self-empowering track has a warm and comforting tone, and features some very up-lifting and encouraging lyrics like “finally I can feel without fearing, cry without the pain, stand up and love me, without any shame” – words that could give you the strength to walk down any rough road with your head held high. The song proves to be very fitting for the context of the movie which is about the constant struggles that a group of African-American women face in terms of love, neglect, and getting to know themselves within.

Piano-lead ‘I Know Who I Am’ has a sweet and smooth melodic tone at the start, then gradually builds as the emotional nature of the vocals intensifies nearer the end. The 2006 X Factor winner and one of the show’s biggest successes is vocally impeccable on this track, plus the song is accompanied by a gospel choir which strengthens the texture of the sound, and most definitely thickens its sweetness and soul.

Here’s the stunning and meaningful number from the very beautiful and amazingly talented…


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