Get Your ‘Swagger Right’ For RichGirl…

OK so most people would say that the use of the word ‘swag’ in song titles, and basically in general life has become pretty cliché; Turn My Swag On……Pretty Boy Swag……Swag Back……Swagga Like Us, Swag This Swag That (that’s not a song by the way)……and now Rich Girl have followed in trend by hitting us with ‘Swagger Right‘ – but despite the swag overload, I’m actually quite liking this steady trendy sexy ‘click ya fingas’ kinda track.

In terms of the music video which includes the very much needed contribution of Fabo and Ricky Rozay, the set is so fitting with the song in the sense that they’re able to keep their ‘swagger’ while dancing around a police car (of all cars!). Also considering the not so attractive background area some might say that they effectively make the bad look good. Personally, I don’t think the song is strong enough to become a hit single, but it does try. The track isn’t powerful enough vocally and the beat is far too weak to efficiently carry the girls – it needs to be heavier and much more fierce to compliment the vocals as well as the meaning of the track all together. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this track – some say they’re trying to be the next Destiny’s Child, and that overused word in the title doesn’t do them any favours either, but I must admit I have had this tune stuck on repeat…so let’s see if Rich Girl are any richer after the release of this one…


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