I–I–I–I–I–I–I–I’m Speechless…

After her overly seductive (and also banned from BET) music video for ‘Riiiiiiide it’, Ciara’s left speechless in her follow up tune produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream. In this smooth, mid-tempo love song, Ciara professes her adoration for her guy – she’d need “another day in the week”, “an extra hour on the clock”, and maybe even extra minutes on this song to show him how beautiful he is…(awww how sweet :-)). Some may say that the steadily riding beat carries her and compliments her vocals, but although her voice is faint and subtle I believe she still manages to uphold the beat, maintaining dominance throughout the track with her gentle, flowing vocals, and soft tone. Considering the context of the song, fierce Beyonce-like vocals aren’t needed or at all necessary – in my opinion, the meaning of the song is delivered perfectly.

Lyrically the track is simplistic, featuring those typical generic love-song type lyrics like “I just wanna make you feel good” and “I wanna be the girl that gives you everything”. However, by saying she’s speechless her uncomplicated lyrics are more meaningful than they seem…she’s so in love that she’s lost for words, hence why her expression is so straightforward – with words like “I wana be wherever you are” and “you’re so good to me”, they’re somewhat effective as she’s just telling it like it is, and it’s coming from the heart. And as for the video – sexy and understated …perfect fit with the actual track I believe 🙂 …


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