Marsha Ambrosius – “I Hope She Cheats On You With A Basketball Player !!”

Marsha Ambrosius has now gone solo (literally) with this one, as the ½ of Floetry speaks quite frankly about her bad breakup on her 1st single ‘I Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)’, which is taken from her 1st solo album ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ (released on October 26th). While other brokenhearted girls stay home munching on packets of chocolate, eating buckets of ice cream, and sobbing into their pillows day and night, Marsha simply hopes the chick cheat on you…simple…at least she’s being honest – even if it is a little harsh, or in her words ‘just a little bitter’. While some people may wish the best for that person, the ex-Floetry member really begs for the worst, whether it’s a basketball player, even a hockey or rugby player, as long as she cheats on you, then it should be all good.

This upfront and revengeful number features some deep and fierce lyrics complimenting her forceful vocals, with the help of Fabolous and Maino bringing the realist talk, that all blends nicely together and runs well with the sharp-cracking beat. Marsha totally pours her emotions out on this track- her bitterness is apparent and she doesn’t hold back on expressing her deepest feelings. I am personally feeling Marsha’s delivery on this track – some would say it’s empowering for all the lovesick ones, and could be a healer for all the bitter exes hating on the new girl/guy who now owns that heart, that was once yours…


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