T-Pain Makes Love to a ‘Rap Song’

Just when you think he can’t come back with nothing bigger and better, T-Pain hits back with another potential hit which is most definitely one for the clubs! (as always) But this mid-tempo tune entitled ‘Rap Song’ which is taken from his next album ‘RevolveR’ isn’t necessarily a rap song as such, but is surely an addictive, feel-good one that our very own Teddy Pain never fails to deliver. In terms of the song title, it was only right and logical to have a rapper jump on it surely, so this is where Rick Ross came in and appropriately took over.

It’s hardly new for an artist to sing about getting down in the bedroom (or wherever), but T-pain twists things a little; we’ve always imagined slow jams to be the most appropriate background music for making love, but according to the auto-tune innovator rap is the next big thing to arouse sexual sensations…… In this laid-back party joint T-Pain cleverly incorporates lyrics from much loved rap songs which adds a comical edge to the track, and makes it fun to listen to and a joy to get down to! The creative hit-maker is known for his originality and his easygoing ‘two-step’ numbers, along with his epic chorus’, and this is one that will certainly be stuck on everyone’s lips for sure!

Check out T-Pain’s new track ‘Rap Song’ ft. Rick Ross, produced by Young Fyre for Nappy Boy Entertainment…


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