Quite Liking Jason Derulo’s Softer Side…’What If’

No more ridin’ solo for Jason Derulo, for his latest single ‘What If’ suggests that he is now focusing on having that special woman in his life…or not…according to the supplementary video…

This stunning and heartfelt track beautifully sung by Mr Derulo is a perfect example of life being way too short. The music video basically begins with him imagining what his future may hold (very poignant, makes you want to shed a lil tear), then for the duration of the video he shifts back in time to the point where he and his lady first lay eyes on one another. But the question I have to ask is why did he have to picture a negative outcome is his life? Most people would imagine success, marriage, kids, grandkids…just happy stuff…whereas he has visions of the poor girl’s death-it’s quite sad and depressing to think what if she gets knocked down by a car in the process of moving into a new home,while you’re all set to propose. But hey, I do really understand the message he aims to send out with this track; he makes it clear in his lyrics, “We can’t tell the future…that’s just the beauty of the world we love”.

This meaningful track truly gets me thinking about life and appreciating each and every day of it.

Check out the sentimental music video for ‘What If’ from the one and only Jason Derulo 🙂


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