Classics Will Always Remain the Finest…

Usher-‘You Make Me Wanna’, Craig David-‘Seven Days’, Kano-‘Typical Me’…

Remember those ones?

In terms of Usher, yes he’s still talented and yes I’m still a fan, but still, he is yet to top his previous albums; there was his self-titled album, then 8701, then Confessions, then ‘Raymond v Ramond’…hold on did I miss one…what was the album before ‘Raymond v Ramond’ again?

Then there’s Craig David; used to be hotness, now he’s just flopness. What happened to the ‘Fill Me In’ and ‘Walking Away’ days? He basically committed suicide with that crappy number ‘Insomnia’.

As for Kano, he should have stuck to what he does best, at least he would have still been respected for standing his ground, now he’s jus pitied for changing his sound.

NOT to say I don’t appreciate the music of today, but be honest, don’t you sometimes have those times when you feel to listen to songs from back in the day and think “this was when music was truly MUSIC”? …the thought and imagination and effort put into creating a quality track; I just feel that the genuine passion from the past does not exist anymore (not as much as it used to anyway)…

…just goes to show how laid back the music industry has grown to be. Certain Artists have become lazy and jus releasing any old poppy mainstreamy nonsense just to make money, as it’s so easy to get a hit record these days– but then what does that say about us as listeners and how our taste in music may have changed?

Just saying really…


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