Ne-yo – stepped up in the Videos department with ‘Beautiful Monster’ !

It seems Ne-yo likes to be terrified of his women! (as long as they’re beautiful of course). I gather from this lyric right here, “ur a knife sharp and deadly…but i don’t mind, infact i like it, though im terrified…” that he likes to be severely toyed with and enjoys the thrilling nature of the whole scenario…which may kind of worry us about the singer’s state of mind and well being for a bit don’t you think?…but i dont mind, infact i like it! – the video i mean.

I’ve never got goosebumps while watching any of Ne-yo’s music vids before, but this one actually sent shivers up my spine. When i first heard the track I kind of expected the video to feature his typical MJ-imitated dance routines as per, but this impressive viewing captures a new sense of creativity and imagination. The weakness and vunerability he demonstrates in the beginning, and then somehow managing to regain his strength when defending himself against the 3 randoms in white, along with his ‘super powers’, is fascinating to watch; while at the end, he finally encounters the ‘beautiful monster’ and eventually retrieves his rightful ‘groove’ (his typical dance routines basically, but it had to come at some point).

He never seems to fail lyrically with his ingenious writing ability as he creates this passionate number…sinister yet sexy – I love it!

Check out this fabulously creative video for Ne-yo’s infectious track ‘Beautiful Monster’.


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